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980nm Infrared IR Laser Pointer

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Infrared 980nm IR laser pointer has a invisible laser beam, you can't see it with naked eyes. But you can detect it with this infrared laser card

Output power(mW):100  (or 200mW)
Transverse mode:TE00
Operating mode:CW
Beam divergence:full angel(mard)<5
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm):6
Switch:Push button
Surface color:Black
Range in darkness(m):1000~10000
Power supply:2 x AAA

Pen style, portable
Well tested and high quality infrared laser pointer
invisible effect
Fixed focus, continuous output 
Using long lifetime chip, more than 8000hours

Application Area:
Counterfeit detection
Medical treatment
Infrared sources for night vision
Signal recognition 

Packing list :
1x box 
1x laser pen 

Package information :
Qty: 50 pcs/carton 
Carton Size: 36.5cmX35cmX17cm

Warranty :  6 Month Factory warranty 

980nm infrared IR laser pen is made of 980nm IR laser diode.  Firstly we make the diodes into the modules , then we make the modules to IR pointers. Here are more applications about 980nm laser

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