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980nm 500mW Handheld Infrared Laser Pointer


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High Stability and Reliability
Intelligent Focusable Mechanism
One Year's Warranty
Name: Handheld Laser Pointer 500mw Pioneer Series
Wavelength: 980nm (Infrared)
Output power: 520~550mW
Average power: 525mW
Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm
Transverse Mode: Near TEM00
Operating Mode: CW
Beam Diameter: adjustable
Beam Divergence: adjustable
Switch Type: On/off switch
Duty Cycle: Constant on
Power Source: 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free battery
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Expected Diode Lifetime: >8000 hours
Warranty Period: 12 months

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