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Laser Diode 8W 915nm Fiber Coupled 100um Multimode Pump

High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

The highly reliable laser diode offers 8 W of power from a 100um fiber into a 0.2 numerical aperture. The L3 package incorporates a telecommunication design in a commercial product for high reliability.

The L3 multimode pump module is based on a single emitter diode laser and allows for a radical departure from standard bar-based pumping architectures. In a distributed architecture, cascading failure modes are avoided and ensemble statistics can be used to predict pump assembly lifetimes. The L3 multimode pump module eases thermal management by distributing the diode lasers, allowing for a simple air or water cooled architecture in high power laser pumps and direct diode applications.


Output Power: 8.0 W
Current: <11.3 A
Voltage: <2.3V
Wavelength: 915nm +/- 10nm
Fiber Length: ~1m


Fiber Laser Pumping
Materials Processing (cutting, burning, etching, welding)
Graphic Arts
Medical / Dental
Remote Power Generation
Pyrotechnic Ignition

The laser light emitted from this diode laser is invisible and may be harmful to the human eye. Avoid looking directly into the diode laser or into the collimated beam along its optical axis when the device is in operation.

ESD PROTECTION Electrostatic discharge is the primary cause of unexpected diode laser failure. Take extreme precaution to prevent ESD. Use wrist straps, grounded work surfaces and rigorous antistatic techniques when handling diode lasers.

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