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830nm 1W 1000mW Laser Diode LD


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High quality 830nm 1000mW laser diode (laserdiode, laser ld, laser led). There are three pins, but in many application, you need to cut one pin off, then you get a 2-pins 830nm laser diode like this.  Download the 830nm 1W LD spec here.

Package Type:  TO-5(Φ9.0mm)
Wavelength@25℃: 820nm;830nm;840;
Spectral width: 2.5nm
Output power: 1W;1.2W
Emitter area: 50
Beam divergence(FWHM): 
Temperature coefficient of wavelength: 1.2/A
Threshold current(Typ.): 1.2A
Operating voltage: 1.8V
Recommended Operation Temperature: 25℃

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