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5mw Green Laser Pointer with Black Color


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The 5mw green laser pointer doesn't have visible laser beam indoors, but 5mw green laser beam is visible in darkness. The 5mw green laser pointer is good for pointing the targets indoors, Power Point.

Green laser pointers are brighter (about 60 times) than a red laser pointer. Human eye is more sensitive to green color and this laser pointer is much more noticeable than other light color,so this pointer is a Professional tool for astronomers, lectures, etc. Use your laser pointer to point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, presentation graphics and more.

100% Brand New Professional ArmLaser green laser pointer pen
Utilizing the latest technology in green laser

Color: Rubber black,
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 145mm(L) x 11mm(Diameter)
Class: IIIa
Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power: 5mW
Output Mode: Constant Wave
Operation: ON/OFF touching button
Project distance : 3000m away (less in daylight).
Battery: Alkaline AAA x 2pcs(not included as oversea shipping)
Battery Life: 6 hours
Dot Size: 15*15mm at 10M distance
Expected Life: 5,000 hours
Package : EVA+Paper box, or Tin box with EVA
Safety Certificate : Meet FDA OR CE
Gift Case Included


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