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589nm Portable Yellow Laser


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The spectrum of yellow laser light is between the wavelengths of 589nm ~ 594nm. Yellow pointers appeared less than 5 years ago and with evolving new technologies and innovations, yellow lasing techniques have successfully migrated into the portable laser pointer format.  Laser enthusiasts can now have exclusive ownership of yellows at an affordable price. Like the color of the sun, the 593nm (589nm,590nm,593nm) yellow wavelength is a beautiful representation of what DPSS lasers and smaller laser pointer technology can bring to the laser industry.  They have become one of the mainstream wavelengths of choice for manufacturers and enthusiasts who want to put more spectrums into their laser or laser pointer collection. 

Wavelength(nm): 589±2
Output power(mW): >5,10,15,...,80
Transverse mode: TEM
Operating mode: CW
Beam divergence,full angle(mrad): <1.5
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm): ~1.5
Switch: Push button
Surface color: Black
Range in darkness(m): 1000~10000
Power supply: 1x"No.18650"Li batteries
Expected lifetime(hours): 5000
Warranty: 6 months
Remark: LED indicator,remote connector and  key switch are available.

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