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50mw green laser

What can a 50mw green laser do ? 

1)50mw green laser can be used as astronomy sky pointer.
2)You can use 50mw green laser to point the PPT while speech.
3)Use 50mw green laser to indicate the targets while you're in outdoors activity at night.
4)50mw green laser is a good toy if you can know the safety issues.
5)50mw green laser is a good tool for laser labs or laser experts.
6)You can use it without laser goggles, but it's better to wear green laser goggles.

What can't a 50mw green laser do ? 
1)There are many powerful burning green laser, 50 milliWatts is a really small amount of power, 50mw green laser can't light a match.
2)50mW laser is not powerful enough,50mw green laser can't burn paper or plastic.
3)50mw green laser can't light a cigar.
4)Exposure of the skin to high power laser beams (1 or more watts) can cause burns.a burn can occur even though the flinch reaction may rapidly pull the affected skin out of the beam.50mw green laser can't be pointed to human skin or human eyes.
5)50mw green laser can't be pointed to helicopters or plans, otherwise you may be put into jail.
6)You can't purchase 50mw green laser at  local retail shops, as most of the shops have <5mw green laser.
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