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The 500mw green laser is powerful, extremely dangerous laser for use. Most of the 500mw green lasers are used in labs, and not used by enthusiasts. To make 500mw green laser, the laser emitter canít be pen-sized laser pointer (laser pen), or a small laser pointer. The 500mw green laser pointer is very big in size. Armlaser 500mw green laser pointer black has a length of 22cm, and armlaser final portable green laser torch has a length > 20cm too. Theyíre heavy and well designed: with safety key and safety cover to make itís safer to use them. Most of the 500mw green lasers are not water-proof, and they have IR filters.

The 500mw green laser pointers have high quality chargers, 532nm green laser goggles, which help us to use them easily and safely. The 500mw green laser is very bright indoors even at daytime. The laser beam is very big and extremely bright. The 500mw green laser can quickly light a match, burn plastics, and it can light cigar, burn paper. Your eyes will be hurt even see the reflections of the laser dot, donít mention that it goes directly to the eyes. The 500mw green laser can be used to make laser dazzlers.

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