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405nm Violet Laser Modules 100mW

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The high power 405nm violet laser module is the best tool for DIY violet laser. It needs a adapter to work. You can get a dot target or a line target. Please refer to the following pictures to see its spectrum.

Power supply:110V-240V
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: φ13*45mm
Class: IIIB 
Wavelength: 405nm
Output Power: 100mW
Output Mode: Constant Wave 
Operation Temperature (℃)   -10℃~+40℃
Storage Temperature (℃) +10℃~+40℃
Operating Voltage    DC=3-5.5V   
Operating Current   I<120mA  

The blue violet laser dot can be changed from dot to line, with extra lens.   

The spectrum for this 405nm violet laser, we measured it with the B2000 spectrometer, here is the more spectrum

Read more customer reviews below images.

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