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3 Range Digital Photometer


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3 Range Digital Photometer Luxmeter 100,000 Lux Meter LX-1010BS

Item Condition: Brand New.
Color: Black + Orange (exactly as the pictures showed).
Accuracy: 5.0%.
Auto zero function.
Data hold function.
Low battery indication.
Net Weight: 190g (with package box is 275g).
LCD Size: 50mm * 28mm.
Sensor Dimensions: 106mm * 57mm * 26mm (Photo detector).
Body Dimensions: 230mm * 72mm * 30mm.
Sampling Rate: 2.0 Times/Second.
Resolution: 1 Lux.
Photo detector: one silicon photo diode with filter.
Battery: one 9V battery, Consumption current approx. 2mA (9V Battery Included!)
Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0C~40C (32F~104F), 0~70%Rh.
Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10C~50C (14F~122F), 0~80%Rh.
Measurement Range: Lx1010BS~2,000 / 200,00 / 100,000 lux ( 5%+2D).
Very good LuxMeter for engineer.
9V Battery x 1
English User Manual x 1.
Sensor (with sensor cover) x 1.
LX1010BS Luzmeter x 1 (1~100,000 Lux).

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