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2W Laser Pointer


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808nm high-power laser torch,2w laser pointer

The 2000mw laser torch has an artistic and delicate appearance. The cabinet dimension is fit for holding in hand comfortably. The Torch is colored with an anode-oxidized technique in different colors, such as black and green ,etc. It is abrasion resistant ,never fading in color. Advanced IC chips are applied on the power source, so it has a high efficiency and provide low heat. Besides it has a broad tension, which insures a constant current without decreasing the power of the beam when the voltage ranges from 2.9 V to 4.2 V,extending the durability of the battery effectively. The LD pedestal is measured accurately with the thermal resistor. It can switch off the power automatically once the temperature limit is exceeded, and thus the laser can be protected efficiently.

Double protective measures in security:

1、Sliding anti-dazzling screen is used in the front aperture. Shutting off the
aperture will prevent the beam leaking out if the operator slips in contacting the
switch when it is laid aside temporarily. Meanwhile, the screen will also prevent the dust getting in.

2、A lock of superior quality is fitted on the bottom lid, with the aim of storing the torch away over a long period of time. It is suggested that the key and the torch be set aside separately, for fear of accidents in case children play with the torch.
Optical indicators :

Pump power: 2.0W(laser 2000mw,laser 2w)
Wavelength: 808 nm
Output Power: 2W
Beam Mode: TEMoo
Working Mode: CW
Beam Divergence: 5 mrad
Power Stability: <15%

Dimension (φ38+φ28)198(mm)
Batteries: 18650
Weight: 278g ( batteries not included )
Operation Temperature: 10-35 ℃
Expected Lifetime: 5000-10000(hours)

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