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2W Laser Pointer

The 2W laser pointer is the portable 2W laser tool. The 2W laser pointer emits laser 2w (laser 2000mW). There are blue 2W laser pointer , 808nm infrared 2W laser pointer , 980nm infrared 2W laser pointer. There is no green 2W laser pointer , or red 2W laser pointer. The blue 2W laser pointer is very powerful,bright and dangerous. However the infrared 2W laser pointer is not bright,as the 808nm laser and 980nm laser is invisible laser. If you need green laser 2W, red laser 2W, you should search DPSS green laser, DPSS red laser, but not the 2W laser pointer. 

The 2W laser pointer is 2000mW laser pointer, laserpointer 2000mw.  The 2W Laser Pointer or 2000mW laser pointer can't be very cheap. If you buy a 2W Laser Pointer with a low price. Then the power 2000mW is not true. It's not the real 2000mW laser pointer. 

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