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20mm Copper CU Reflection Mirror for CO2 Laser


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Mirror Diameter:20mm
Mirror Thickness:3mm
Incidence Angle:0
Material:Oxygen-free Copper
Diameter Tolerance:+0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance:-0/0.1mm
Surface Quality:60-40

20mm diameter gold coated copper planar mirror Reflector 10.6 m
We also have diameter 16mm,18mm,19mm,20mm,25mm,29mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,200mm for option.
This optical element is used for planar reflecting the laser beam. It is an important component of the laser system.
The biggest advantage of Copper mirror is it has high damage threshold. So it can be used in some high power laser systems such as laser engraving machines and laser cutting machines.
As a kind of high quality Copper mirrors, it has high reflectance and low flatness. Using the high quality surface coating will protect the layer of Copper not to damage, and increases the Copper layer reflection efficiency.

It has countless applications, such as Astronomy, Industry, Medicine, Optical Communication, etc...
We can be customized according to customer demand for different diameters of silicon mirror, in addition to providing drilling, cutting edge and other special-shaped silicon mirror.

Something you need to know:
The biggest advantage of Copper mirror is it has high damage threshold.

Packaging Details:

Unit Type: piece
Package Weight: 0.3kg(0.661lb.)
Package Size: 10cmx10cmx10cm(3.94inx3.94inx3.94in)

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