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200mw red laser 

You can't find 200mw red laser pointer at eBay or amazon, or other big online stores, as the 200mw red laser is harmful to human eyes. But you can DIY 200mw red laser pointer with 200mw red laser modules. And you can get 200mw red laser modules at eBay.

The typical 200mw red laser:

Operating Voltage 3 ~ 6 V
Size 12.5 x 42mm
Output Power 200 mW
Wavelength 650 nm
Radian Length 1~3m at 1m; Width <2mm at 1m
Working Temperature +15 ℃~+35 ℃
Package 1 x 650nm <200mW red laser line module

Though not as brighter to the naked eye as green lasers, the 200mw red laser are also able to illuminate low level clouds and project a beam for miles.

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