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2000mw Laser Module , 2W Laser Module


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High quality stable 2000mw 2w infrared laser 808nm 800nm laser for many applications. It's customized according to your special requirements.

If you want 2W laser pointer:

2W Blue Laser Pointer, the brightest and most powerful laser pointer in the world !

808nm 2W (2000mW) infrared laser pointer.

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Wavelength 808nm,Operating mode CW
Output power >1.8W,Spatial mode Near TE00
Longitudinal mode Multi,Spectral linewidth 1.5nm
Polarization Linear vertical,Polarization ratio >50:1
Beam quality M2<20,Beam divergence full angle 5mrad
Beam diameter at aperture 3mm×3mm
Beam pointing stability 0.05mrad
Noise <5% 10Hz-50MHz,Power stability 5% over 8 hrs rms
Optical axis height 28.5mm
Size of laser head L×W×H=85×40×40mm
Size of power supply L×W×H=118×64×38mm,Cabel-laser head 0.3m
Weight of laser head 0.6kg,Weight of power supply 1.2kg
TTL modulation 0V-no lasing, 5V-lasing
Frequency of TTL 1kHz-30kHz,Efficiency of TTL 40%-60%
Analogue modulation 0-5V,Frequency of analogue 1kHz-20kHz
Cooling mode TEC,Operating votage 90-260VAC
Maximum power consumption 10W,Warm-up time 5 mintues
Operating temperature 10-35℃,Storage temperature -20-60℃(<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Expected life time 10,000 hours,Warranty time 1 year

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