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1W 1.4W 2W Blu-ray Single Lithium Drive Circuit Board


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1W 1.4W 2W Blu-ray single lithium drive circuit board / 445/447/450nm adjustable current

Circuit control: 5.5V boost circuit
Dimensions: 17mm 
Reverse Polarity Protection: reverse polarity protection
QSP protection: with soft-start protection, even if you frequent switching power supply will not have to worry about damage to the laser tube
Pin definition: LED welding method is similar to the panel labeled positive and negative wiring schematic

Polarity Definition: gold-plated side plate flashlight connected to the housing for the negative

Recommended to use 3.7V lithium battery (16340,18650,14500 and 18500 powered) or 5.5V DC power supply.

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