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170 mw green laser is a green laser (wavelength 532nm laser) with output power of 170mw. The wavelength range of 170mw green laser is about 160mw-180mw. We name the green laser with power < 160mw to 150mw green laser , and > 180mw to 200mw green laser. Most of the 170 mw green laser canít light a match or cigar, but 170mw green laser with adjustable focus can do that. If you only want to use the green laser to point target, choose 170mw green laser, because itís as bright as 200mw green laser, but much cheaper than 200mw green laser.†

Armlaser 170mw burning green laser pointer:

It has adjustable focus, so is called burning green laser. Safety key at the tail to turn on or turn off the laser pointer ,safety cover at head to control laser beam. Most of the 170mw green laser use the same laser pointer hosts with the 200mw green laser. Some sellers sell 170mw green laser to customers, as 200mw green laser.†

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