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1573nm Infrared Solid State Laser


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Wavelength(nm): 15731
Operating mode: Q-s witched: AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulation)
Output power(mW): >1~1000mW@30kHz,typical
Single pulse energy: 1~30
Pulse duration(ns): ~10
Peak power(kW):1-30
Rep. rate(kHz): 1~50,1~100,1~200,optional
Ave power stability(over 4 hours): <5%
Warm-up time(minutes): <10
Beam divergence,full angle(mrad): <2.0
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm): ~4.0
Beam height from base plate(mm): 93.5
Cooled method: Air cooled
Operating temperature(℃): 15~35
Power supply(220/110VAC): PSU-AOM
Expected lifetime(hours): 10000
Warranty: 1 year

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