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1550nm Band Tunable High-power Pulsed Fiber Laser


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MTFLP serious is a very compact tunable pulse fiber laser, it has the active wavelength tuning and stabilizing devices can be designed into a stable tunable single-mode pulse output with it special design.

1.Stable single-mode
2.Wavelength tunable within1539nm-1562nm
3.150Ns pulse output
4.Ultra-high peak power
5.Lower noise
6.Single-mode fiber output
7.Small size and high reliability
8.Output power can be tunable through RS485 interface or knob
9.Wavelength can be tunable through RS485 interface or external analog voltage

Fiber optical system,
Doppler laser wind radar,
R-OTDR Fiber optical,OFDR Fiber optical,
Frequency agility harmonic imaging laser radar,
Coherent laser communication
Military optical communication
Gas absorption and detection
Fiber communications test equipment
Science experience research

Wavelength[nm]: 15391562nm
Line width: 20MHz
Single-mode pulse energy: > 40uJ, >0.1mJ, >0.4mJ
Output power @20KHz Repetition frequency/8ns: > 5KW, >10KW, >20KW
Output power @10KHz Repetition frequency/8ns: > 10KW, >20KW, >40KW
Average power: 0.5W, 1W, 2W, 4W
Pulse width: 1--10ns, 10-20ns
Repetition frequency: 1K1MHz
Power stability[dB] (15 minutes): +/-0.05
Power stability[dB] (10 hours): <0.2
Ratio of signal and ASE noise[dB]: >40
Fiber optic connectors: FC-APC
Demission(mm): 180 x 140 x 53,0.5W, 1W;240 x 180 x 66,2W, 4W
Supply voltage: 5 VDC,15A,
Operation temperature[C]: -20 - 50
Storage temperature[C]: -40 - 70

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