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1550/1060Pulsed Fiber Amplifier


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Products features
Power average can up to 40dBm
Pulse duration from 1ns to 100nsPulse repeat frequency from 1KHz to 1000KHz
Power input average from -15~10dBm
Electricity control (automatic)(ACC)
RS232 Connector

High speed light communications
Nonlinear optical
Doppler lidar
Fiber sensing
Fiber communication test
Science research

Performance parameters
Polarization: Random or Line Polarization (PM)
Input Signal Wavelength(nm): 1540(1050;1550(1060);1562(1070)
Input Linewidth(KHz): 1
Input Signal Pulse Duration(ns): 1;100
Input Signal Repetition Rate(KHz): l;1000
Input Signal Peak Power(mW): 10;50
Input Signal Average Power(uW): 10
Output Peak Power(kW): 1,5,10,20,40,50,200
Output Average Power(W): 0.5,1,2,5,10
Input Signal Linewidth(KHz): 1
Adjustable Output Power Range: 10%;100%
SIZE(LXWXH)(mm): 150x125x33 240x180x66
Output Collimator Beam (mm): 0.8
Input/output Fiber Connector: FC/APC
Operation temperature(C): 0;+50
Storage temperature(C): 20;+70
Output fiber length(m): 0;1.0

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