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1500 Meters Green Laser Dazzlers


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1500M green laser dazzlers are portable laser weapons,designed with TEMPORARILY BLINDING effect within 10 meters. There are many applications, including military law enforcement and self-defense uses. They are extremely effective, non-lethal, weatherproof high powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator. You can't find such a high quality laser dazzler with a reasonable elsewhere.

Focusable Mechanism can help you find the best beam profile size for ideal dazzling effect.
The beam divergence, beam diameter and safety features can be custom made!
handgun, rifles or telecopes mountable for versatility
Non-lethal crowd control and tactical area denial
CE/FDA/ROHS CERTIFIED, standard FDA compliant safety features all included.
2.55-10mW/CM2: Ideal Power Density for Temporary Blinding effect, rather than permanent vision impairment.

Effective distance: 1500 meters ( 1 mile )

Wavelength: 532nm
Output power: 500mW-800mW
Transverse Mode:TEM00
Operation Mode: Continuous Wave
Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm
Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm- 12 cm; Adjustable
Beam Divergence:1.2 - 12 mrad; Adjustable
Switch Type: On/off switch
Duty Cycle: Constantly on
Power Source: Free 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free Charger
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Expected Lifetime: >8000hours
Temporary Blinding Effect: 0-30 Meters with focus adjustable beam
All-in-one Kit: Portable Laser dazzler,18650 Lithium Battery and Free Charger,Two keys for locking/unlocking,One remote interlock key;


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