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10W AO-Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber laser


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The average output of Maxphotonics’ MFP series pulsed fiber laser can up to 20W.It has the  

characteristics as follows: shortly opening time ,high peak power, adjustable pulse width

(40ns-250ns) widely repetition range which should meet the customers demand and improve the 

value of products.
The special design to ensure the pulse fiber laser no leak if the laser off, even in special 

materials, there’re also no shadow and virtual point appeared.
Maxphotonics’ laser design with high reliability, all with anti-pulse fiber laser are 

characterized by high anti-material processing.
The high integrated design, control circuitry all integrated laser module, compact 

structure, small size, no external control box.

Type MFP-10
Central wavelength: 1064±4nm
Polarization: Random
Average output power: 9.5-12.5 W
Energy per pulse: 0.5-0.6mJ
Beam quality: <1.4M
Beam diameter: 6--8 mm
Power stability(t>5h): <5 %
Frenquency tunable range: 20--80KHz
Pulse width@20KHz: 70-120ns
Power tunable range: 5-100%
Operation voltage:24 VDC
Power consumption:120W(20°C)
Guid light from laser head:0.5-1.0mW at 660+/-10nm
Laser: size&weight:W245*H108*L317mm&7kg
Cable length:190+/-10cm
Cooling:Forced air
Operating temperture:15-35℃
Environmental for stock:-10~60℃
Warm up time:90sec
l material processing

                 contact:Ms.Cathy   Tel:86-755-27561382-866 

Marking,welding,Close trimming,Cutting,Micromachine,Precision drilling,Picture carving

,Card making,
Special material processing

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