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10mW 589nm vs. 3mW 594nm

I recently received my shiny new CNI GLP-589 (Review Soon) and decided I would take a few pictures tonight. I have wanted to compare the wavelengths side by side to see if there was a noticeable difference for some time. The GLP-589 averages 10-13mW and peaks at 16mW. I won't know what the GLP-594 is putting out until I buy an LPM, though I'm guessing 2-3mW.

The camera I'm using is a point and shoot Sony DSC-P10 that was purchased way back in like like 2005 and doesn't give me much control over photos. I only get about a 2-3 second exposure so I lit a few matches to help me out. I only took a few tonight however this thread will be updated every now and then with new shots as well as an update on the power of the GLP-594.

Im not sure how many of you have seen both wavelength's side by side, but over the past few days Iv'e compared them quite a bit and IMO there is a noticeable difference in color despite being so close in the spectrum. Though the difference in power could effect how my eyes and the camera perceive them.

I know a lot of people talk about these yellow pointers and I figured you guys might want to see them side by side. I thought I would sell the 594nm after buying the 589nm but now I'm not so sure.. What do you guys think?

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