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1000mW 445nm laser diode, it's also named to 1W blue laser diode. Here are some listed products at Armlaser as following:

The features of 1000mw 445nm laser diode is:

Wavelength: 445nm
Output Power: 1000mW
Voltage: 3.7-4.5V DC
Threshold current: 200mA
Operating current max: 1400mA
Operating temperature max: 55 °C
Life time: >20000hours

The 1000mw 445nm laser diode can reach up to 1W laser power in very beautiful blue color. It can be applied in medicine, lasershows, military and other technologies.New temperature controlled laser diode module with more than 1000mW at 445nm.Developed for applications such as machine vision, wafer inspection,fluorescence excitation, laser annealing, as well as powerful blue illumination source for SLMs and DLP chips the “Bluephoton” offers totally new options whenever good focussing ability and highest intensity are required. The diode used in this module was carefully extracted from a blue-laser projector, press-fitted into an Armlaser laser housing, and soldered to a pair of black/white rainbow wire. When run at 1000mw CW, this module is powerful enough to light matches, pop balloons, easily melt through plastics and tape, and punch vinyl in miliseconds. 1000mw 445nm laser diode can be used for many applications, including: laser light shows, laser photography, special effects, engraving/melting plastics, and more! 

I can confirm that claims stating 1,000mW of focused 445nm can set fire to skin are false. At least that's the case with the skin on the back of my hand.

It does make it sizzle and pop like frying bacon though and is very painful. It produces smoke and smells like burning hair. Do not try this at home.

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