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SMA905 Fiber Connector


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SMA905 Fiber Optic Connector/SMA905 Optical Fiber Connector
SUS303 ferrule,round knurl type nut.
Precision SMA905 optical fiber connector and high power SMA905 fiber optic connector,which has two types.One type is with round knurl type nut,while the other is with hexagonal type nut.
The SMA905 fiber connector feature stainless steel(SUS303) ferrule,which ferrule ID can be customized,such as ID125um,ID200um,ID203um,ID230um,ID245um,ID315um,ID465um,ID580um,ID690um,and other customer request ID.
Nickel plated brass body or Stainless steel body.
Stainless steel ferrule or Zirconia Ferrule.
Boot of 3.0mm,2.0mm for optional.

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