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RGB 1W-5W Full Color Lasershow


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Product Features:
Unique three-color combination technology, small size saves space, pure color,
Using high-speed galvanometer scanning technology,
A broken pen, strobe, rotating, rolling, moving, stretching, zoom, gradually drawing, speed and other effects,
With pattern size adjustment function,
Built-in 256 beam and animation design,
Animation can do beam performances, laser advertising, laser projection.

Scanning system: 40K high-speed scanning galvanometer, big angle scanning (60 )
Laser: Laser: red, green, blue solid-state lasers, full-color power 1W, 3W, 5W
Wavelength: 1W RGB (532nm 0.3W, 635nm 0.5W, 450nm 0.3W)
3W RGB (532nm 1W, 635nm 1W, 450nm 1W)
5W RGB (532nm 2W, 635nm 1.5W, 450nm 2W)
Control mode PC, DMX, Auto-mode
Control Interface international standard ILDA interface, compatible with any laser control software.
Power supply: 100 ~ 250V, 50/60HZ ,400-800W

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