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Multi-Channel Integrated TSFL


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Besides the outstanding characteristics of our tunable single-frequency lasers,our multi-channel intergrated tunable lasers systems,have more features in adding a monitoring and control unit to acquire the real-time information of multi-point temperature,voltage and current parameters in the whole system. By monitoring these parameters,users can control individual units of the system. The integrated system are specially designed with excellent immunity to enviroment vibration.For specific requirements of applications,the company can make customized design for an integrates system with 8~32 lasers in a 3U~4U chassis.

Linewidth(kHz): 1~1000
Output Power(mW): 10~1000
power Stability(%): ≤1
Wavelength Stability(pm): 1
Central Wavelength Tuning Range(nm): 0~3
Phase Noise: <10 @ 1HZ ~100kHz
Relative Intensity Noise(dBC/Hz) :<-130 @ 1Hz ~100kHz
Power Consumption(W): <2/Laser
Fast Frequency Modulation(Hz): ≤1GHz,10Hz~100kHz
Operation Temperature(℃): 0~50
Power Supply(V): 110 ~ 220 VAC (50~60Hz)
integrated Systems: 8CH/16CH/32CH Integrated Systems

Note:Polation-machine fibers,FC/APC connectors,slow-axis output.

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