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Matrixlaser Laser Designing Software 2013


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Laserwave has been officially become the distributor of Matrixlaser laser designing software.

6 kinds of cavity/propagation such as stable standing wave cavity, stable travelling wave cavity, unstable standing wave cavity, unstable travelling wave cavity, phrase conjugate cavity and beam propagation are available.

3 planes such as ideal, tangential and sagittal are provided for comparison.

Increase or delete optics elements at will.

There are as many 18 kinds of optics elements are optional. The analyzing and designing are based on element or surface.

Analysis is based on element or surface.

Common use wavelength can be chose or input by keyboard.

M2 factor is introduced to analyze beam parameters.

None of as many as 300 characters is provided.

Mouse dragging for system tolerance analysis and optimization.

Graph design for 2 mirrors cavity and large volume fundamental mode with high alignment stability cavity.

6 kinds of TEM00 mode selecting techniques. 1kind of telescopic resonator designing methods, and 8 kinds for unstable resonator.

Cavities with Gaussian reflected mirror of imaginary element are analyzed by the method of Gaussian beam confinement stable cavity.

3 kinds of tools such as mode matching, Super-Gaussian reflected mirror designer, intra-cavity beam conversion.

New data, open data, save data, save data as and 4 recent files recording etc. file opening are provided.

Results such as stability criteria, beam propagation etc. are output by grids, text, and figures lively…

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