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Lux Lumen Light Meter


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Luminometer 20-20000 Lux Lumen Light Meter Photometer

llluminance Measurement:
LUX: 20Lux,200Lux,2000Lux,20000Lux;
Best Accuracy: (3%+20);(3%+8);(3%+8);(3%+8);
llluminance Measurement:
CD: 2CD;20CD;200CD;2000CD;
Data Hold: Dispaly"HOLD"
llluminance Measurement: Dispaly"Lux/CD"
Max/Min Mode: Display"Max"or"Min"
Sleep Mode: Around 10 Minutes
Low Battery Display: Around 10 Minutes
Data Logging
Auto Ranging
Real Time Clock
Working Tempeature:0℃~40℃(32F~104f)
Deposited Temperature:-10℃~55℃(14F~122f)
Relative Humidity: ≤ 7.5%
General Characterristics:
Power: 9V Alkaline Battery cx1
LCD Size: 22.5 32.5mm
Product Colour: Red and Grey
Produt Net Weight: 185g
Produt Size: 1954526mm

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