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8-30W RGB Air-cooled Lasershow System


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With RGB lasers,it will output all colors beam.Bright enough for outdoor.And it will be good for outdoor AD,graphics,and water-screen.

Scanner : 40K High speed scanner (60)
Laser :  8W RGB (532nm 3W,635nm 2W,450nm 3W)
         10W RGB (532nm 4W,635nm 3W,450nm 3W)
         15W RGB (532nm 6W,635nm 5W,450nm 5W)
         20W RGB (532nm 8W,635nm 6W,450nm 6W)
         25W RGB (532nm 8W,635nm 6W,450nm 8W)
         30W RGB (532nm 10W,635nm 10W,450nm 10W)
Control : PC.DMX.Auto-mode
Connector : Standard ILDA Connector,OK for Pangolin,Phoenix,or other
Safety :Auto-shutter,Safety,Interlock
Power Consuming : 100~250V,50/60HZ,400-1000W
Application : Apply for disco,Dancing hall,KTV,Club,ect)

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