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808nm-9XXnm Pulsed Fiber Laser


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MTFLP serious is a very compact optical module ns pulsed laser, it has the active wavelength tuning and stabilizing devices with its special design.


1.Stable multi-mode
2.Nanosecond pulse output
3.High peak power
4.50/125um or 105/125um multi-mode fiber output optional
5.Small size and high reliability

Fiber optical system,
R-OTDR Fiber optical,OFDR Fiber optical,
Coherent laser communication
Gas absorption and detection
Fiber communications test equipment
Science experience research

Wavelength[nm]: 808+/-5nm,910+/-5nm,940+/-5nm,980+/-5nm
Line width: ≤3nm
Output peak power: ≥5W (50/125um);≥10W (50/125um);≥30W (105/125um)
Pulse width: 12-50ns
Repetition frequency: 1-100KHz
Power stability[dB] (15 minutes): +/-0.05
Power stability[dB] (10 hours): < 0.2
Fiber optic connectors: FC-APC
Demission(mm): 150*125*30
Supply voltage: 5 VDC
Operation temperature[C]: -20 - 50
Storage temperature[C]: -40 - 70


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