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532nm-1W~10W Air-cooled Green Lasershow System


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Scanner : 40K High-speed optical scanner.60 Angle.

Scan speed : 40KPPS
Laser : 3W RGB(532nm 1W green,638nm 1W red,450nm 1W blue)
        5W RGB(532nm 2W green,638nm 1.5W red,450nm 2W blue)
        6W RGB(532nm 2W green,638nm 2W red,450nm 2W blue)
Laser wavelength : 532nm,638nm,450nm
Connector : DMX512,Sound active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO animation, master-slave 

synchronization, PC space compatible ILDA, standard computer laser show 

software control. ILDA signal conversion with full electronic signal 

Demonstration of the effect : Design according to security and good 

performance,safer to human and environmrnt.Master/Slave mode,and PC Control 

mode,will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal.

Work Enviroment : -10-40  
Smart Security :  Design according to security and good performance,safer 

to human and environment.  Master/Slave mode,and PC Control mode,will shut 

off laser automatically without trigger signal.

Adapt spaces : Disco,bars,discos,KTV,theaters,large-scale performances 

outdoor advertising water curtain moives performances
Consuming : AC.110V/220V.(50/60Hz)
Power : 300W-400W
Product weight : 25kg
Dimensions : 376×250×240nm

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