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50mW Green Laser Kaleidoscope,Laser Pointer with Five Heads


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The 50mW 532nm Kaleidoscopic Green Laser Pointer Pen is small and exquisite, portable and with richer applications. The laser pointer can be transformed into a "disco laser pointer" with its star cap. It's truly amazing light show, you'll be surprised with that many stars filling your space. The green laser pointer has five extra heads to display five different kinds of laser target dots. It's very interesting.

Operation Voltage: 3V
Battery: AAA battery, 1.5*2pcs
Wave Length: 532nm
Output: <30mw, CLASS IIIB Laser Product
Operating Temp Range: 15~30
Storage Temp Range: -10~30

If you need the most bright Kaleidoscopic laser for a amazing show, check this brightest laser.

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