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5—100WPeak pulse fiber laser


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MSFLP-xxxx-yyy-zzz-ww-M is a very compact ns fiber laser photovoltaic modules, it has the active wavelength stabilization device or can be a stable single longitudinal mode pulse output  with a special design.

1.stable single-mode module
2.nanosecond pulse output
3.ultra-narrow line width
4.high peak power
5.single-mode fiber output
6.easy to hanle with small size and high reliability
7.peak power adjustable by knob

1.High power pulsed laser need source
2.High-precision optical sensor system
3.R-OTDR optical fiber sensing, OFDR optical fiber sensing system
4.Gas absorption detection
5.Optical fiber communications test equipment, scientific experiments 

Quality Assurance
All Maxphotonics’ laser products are covered by a limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction

Order information
Wavelength:808nm and 905nm optional
Pulse energy;0.5uj,1uj and 2uj optional
Pulse width:10ns and 100ns optional
Average power:1mw and 10mw optional
Single and non-single frequency:SF and N optional
Polarization mode:N and LP optional
Package: Mode and Desk


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