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2W 808nm IR Diode Laser, 2000mW 808nm Lasers


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This diode infrared laser module at 808nm is ultra compact, long lasting, low cost and easy to operate. This laser is used in measurement, communication, spectrum analysis and more.

808nm diode lab laser is a diode laser module, so the beam quality is not as good as the solid-state laser. The beam spot is nearly square.


Power Output>1, 100, 200, 300, , 2500
Transverse ModeNear TE00
Operating ModeCW
Warm Up Time<5 min
M2 Factor<20
Beam Divergence<3. 0mrad
Polarization Ratio>50:1
Beam Dimensions at Aperture5~8mm
Beam Height From Base Plate (mm)24.8mm
Pointing Stability After Warm Up (mrad)<0.05
Operating Temperature10~35(℃)
Dimensions130 (L) 36(W) 40.2(H) mm3
Warranty1 year
Expected Lifetime10000 hrs.

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