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1064nm Fiber Laser


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Fiber output is divided into the diameter of 100um fiber, 0.22NA and the diameter of 200um fiber, 0.11NA. Products applied to laser pump sources, medical, printing, heating, materials processing, marking, such as the need for high-brightness and long-life applications. 
* Output Power:0.5W,2W,3W
* Spectral Width <3nm
* Fiber Output: 100um,200um
* High Reliability
* High Efficiency
* Laser pump sources
* Medical
* Printing
* Heating
* Materials Processing
* Marking 
Specifications (25 deg C):
Output Power: 0.5W
Center Wavelength: 1062nm
Wavelength Tolerance: +/-3nm
Spectral Width: <3nm
Temperature Coefficient: ~0.3nm/deg C
Fiber Core Size: 50/105um
N.A: 0.22NA
Operating Current:1A
Threshold Current:0.4A
Power Conversion Efficiency:30%
Slop Efficiency:0.6-0.7W/A
Operating Voltage:1.5-1.7V
1) 30 days warranty from the date of delivery for manufacturer's defect only.
2) Damage caused by dust or operation mistake can not be warranted.
3) We accept return & refund within 10 days after delivery for quality problem.
4) Buyer pays the return freight in case of return.
Photocurrent 0.2~1mA
Operating Temperature:10~30deg C
Storage Temperature :-20~+60deg C
Expected lifetime:>10000h
Dimensions (without fiber):31×12.7×12.5mm 

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